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If you are one of those persons who is meticulous and you hardly ever lose your car keys then obviously you don’t need to read this article. However, if you quite often misplace your car keys and apparently have a good relationship with your automotive locksmith, it’s about time to change some habits.

The time we would spend looking for lost keys is frustrating and wasted time. All it takes is to get re-organization and a focused approach to ensure that you don’t lose your car keys again.

Below are a few tips that help avoid these problems.

Key Chain

Connect your keys to anything large that you cannot misplace. My friend Jude uses a long key chain and is hard to lose than just normal sized keys. I have seen ladies employ quite sizeable key chains with a picture or two of their kids attached. You might try attaching your car keys to your wallet, door pass, parking pass, ID and for women, your beauty kits.

Standard Place

Consistency is having a standard place to keep your keys. It works very well, although not perfectly. How hard would it be to keep your keys in say your purse or in your pockets and then when removing them place them in a drawer, or on a shelf in your bedroom. Place your keys in a safe area and do not leave them out in the open.

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Key Hook

While in the house a key tray or hook in an obvious and quick to access place certainly will help. Places like above the fridge, main door, dressing table are areas that will work well and we can easily retrieve our keys.

Spare Key

Buy a magnetic box, keep your spare car key in it and stick it underneath your car or in your garden or garage. It will attach easily to a metal object. Always return the spare keys to their places when you use them.


Today’s technology of tracking items has simplified many tasks and opened roads in locating lost objects even car keys for that matter. Radio frequency ID (RFID) tags are quite common for tracking items and the same applies here. Devices are currently available to trace lost car keys using radio transmitters and emit sounds when the tracking device comes within the proximity range of the lost keys.

It is quite evident that the main topic we are trying to address is to not lose your car keys again. Always plan ahead and ensuring you have a spare set of keys will save yourself a lot of trouble. Also very important, remember where you keep them in case you need them!